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We’re Opening 5 Slots in August

After a successful Beta Test and First Official Launch, we’re glad to move on to our Second Official Launch! This coming August, we will be opening 5 more slots for all entrepreneurs that want to gain their precious time back.

Our VArmy is rocking it and we all want more. We want to help out 5 more entrepreneurs to spend their time where it counts the most.

Do you find yourself stressed out with the nitty gritty tasks that your business needs? Do you find yourself wishing someone else could do this and that for you? Do you find yourself not being able to focus on higher leverage tasks? Do you find yourself having a hard time taking good care of your customers? Do you find yourself unable to scale your business because you have no time to strategize? Do you find yourself not even having the time to hire someone? Do you find it hard to spend time with your family because there’s so much to do with your business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I suggest you get your invite from us right now. Admit it, you need someone to help you out yesterday. You need a Michee.

Imagine being able to have the free time to focus on what matters most. Imagine waking up to all these nitty gritty task already done. Imagine not worrying about stepping away from your computer for a day.

We only have 5 slots. After this, we won’t be opening slots in the next few months. This is your chance to free up your plate.


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Image by Kristopher Roller


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