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What Would Happen If…

What would happen if you stepped away from your computer for just 5, 10 minutes? I doubt you’re going to lose clients. I doubt your business is going to fall apart. No, the world is not going to end if you hold on answering that email, or doing that research, or post that social media post, or write that article, for just a few minutes.

Your startup is not a matter of life and death.

Last week my dog, Percy, taught me something really important.

I have been missing out on our routine playtimes and just spending time with her. Because I was busy or rather I was foolishly thinking that everything I had to do for the business was urgent.

It’s our routine that after her meals she nibbles on her dental stick on the bed and that I stay with her. Sometimes holding the stick for her when she asks me too. (Yes, she’s a diva.) So when she went to me with a dental stick on her mouth as I was working, I grabbed my laptop and begrudgingly went to the bedroom with her. As she was nibbling on her stick, I wasn’t paying attention as I used to before. I was busy typing away in my laptop. Because of my weird angle, I felt a sharp pain on my wrist which caused me to hiss in pain.

Immediately, Percy came to my aid. She started kissing my face. I saw how in an instant she can drop whatever it is she was doing to make sure that I was okay or just to give me her attention.

I once told Michee that not everything is urgent but somehow I have forgotten my own piece of advice. As I was laser focused on only the “urgent” things, I was starting to miss out on the important things.

So how “urgent” is that task really? Will spending a few minutes with your kid, your partner, your dog sink your business to the depths of the sea? I highly doubt it. So let’s stop believing that it will.

Go ahead and step away from your computer. Spend a few minutes with the love of your life, or your kid, your family, your dog, and your friends. Believe me, the world is not going to end when you do this.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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