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Glitz and Glamour

If you scroll through your Facebook Feed or Instagram Feed or whatever social media channel it is that you are using, you’d usually see a lot of good or great things happening to your friends and contacts.

It could be great food, great events, great vacations, great house, great everything.

The thing is even though we all know at the back of our minds that what we see is just one of the many sides of a person’s life, we’re still enamoured by it.

We know we’re only seeing the good side but we still believe it’s the entire reality because that’s more attractive.

We know that behind the glitz and glamour, it takes tons of work, effort and commitment to get to that point. Yet, we discard that fact and think it’s all about the lifestyle. We get frustrated when we can’t “get” there.

We struggle to understand why they can and we can’t when you really know why. You just refuse to accept it.

You know that those people you look up to work their asses off to get “there”.

You know that those people hustle while you sit on your couch scrolling through your Facebook Feed.

You know that the “lifestyle” isn’t the end goal (but you keep treating it that way).

You know all these things and yet you dismiss it and you go on this cycle of asking why.

You know exactly why and how.

Don’t get stuck in the glitz and glamour. That’s not all of it. It’s merely a by-product.

This is your reality check.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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