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There are things that would bother us. It would stir negative feelings within us. It could make us annoyed, angry or short-tempered. Sometimes, things that bother us are merely triggers of some pent up anger - like a breaking point. The more important question though is - why? When something bothers you and stirs negativity in you, ask yourself, why? Why is this really bothering me? Why am I letting this bring negativity to my day, week or life? Why am I really annoyed or angry? When you ask these questions, most of time, you’ll find that what bothered you in the first place is just a scapegoat. What you’re really annoyed or angry about is something else. Something that you haven’t addressed or confronted yet. Keep asking yourself why and you’ll get to what you’re really bothered about. Then address that f*cker. Because seriously, why would you rather have that mulling inside you and ruining your day for so long?



Image by Kristopher Roller


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