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Picture This


Imagine never worrying about a Virtual Assistant suddenly disappearing on you.


Imagine not having to worry about tasks you need done to move your business forward and these tasks are done exactly the way you want them done.


Or never having to go back and forth with important people to schedule meetings, or sifting through your emails so you don’t miss any important message. Or never worrying about your customers’ concerns because they are well taken care of.


With I Need a Michee, you never have to imagine these things anymore. Alla and I plus our VArmy (VA army) turn these things into your reality.


What You Can Expect


The first 2 months, I and my co founder Alla, are hands on in setting up everything for you. Meaning the tasks that you send out, we do them ourselves so we master how you want things done. While we are mastering everything, at the same time, we are training our VArmy (VA army) on your tasks. Once we’re confident and satisfied with how they do your tasks, then our involvement in the actual accomplishing of tasks gets lesser. However, one of us - either myself or Alla - will remain as your contact person. The reason we do this is:


  1. We want to make sure that your tasks are accomplished every single time.

  2. We have been hearing of VAs suddenly disappearing. To answer that pain, we make sure that we train not just one but a set of people with the things a client needs including ourselves. Should a VA suddenly disappear, you won’t even feel it since someone else with the same training and set of skills will take over. Plus there’s also myself and my cofounder to make sure that your tasks are done every time.

  3. We have the advantage of speaking the same native language as our VArmy. So if there’s any part of your instructions that’s not clear to them, you don’t have to go back and forth with your VA since it would be us who would do the explaining.


I Need This! Help Me!


We feel you.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Check out what we offer here.

  • Fill-out the form to get your invitation.

I Filled-Out the Form, What Next?


We will review your request for an invite and we will contact you in the email address you specified.


Why Can’t I Just Subscribe Now?

As you can see, we offer very limited slots. We don’t want you paying for something before we can fully hash-out what you need. Don’t worry, this is just quick. We’re committed to giving you our 100% attention and we want to make sure that all our clients are 110% satisfied with the work we deliver. As they say, the devil is in the details.

Do You Take Holidays Off? What happens then?


Of course, we do! We are humans too! We also need to honor important celebrations or commemorations. 


Like any other country and company, there are local holidays that are particularly important for us. While we do not take all of the Philippine Holidays (there are a lot!), there are particular ones that we do need to take and fully unplug like these:

  • Holy Week: 

    • a Catholic holiday that happens around March or April

    • We take Holy Thursday and Good Friday

  • All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day

    • a Catholic holiday that is for commemorating our departed loved ones

    • happens on Nov 1st and Nov 2nd

  • Christmas to New Year's Day

    • This is our year-ender break. It's a gift we give ourselves and our team for an amazing year. 

    • Happens around Dec 23rd to Jan 3rd

  • Election Day

    • Alla and I realized that democracy is fragile and so we want to make sure that the entire INAM team exercises their right to vote without any worry. 

    • Happens every 3 years, around May

These unplugged breaks not only help us recharge and celebrate these holidays, it also helps us serve you better. These days we take are not reimbursed monetarily or as an offset.

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