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You Don’t Have to Believe Their Reason

Of course, we’ve gotten Nos. And the reasons behind each No vary. From “you’re too expensive” to “you’re just starting out” and a lot more.

I noticed how Michee’s spirits get deflated from a rejection or a potential client who do not sign up.

She would then start asking me if they were right. Are our prices insanely high? Are we over the moon with our confidence? Is our website copy not good enough?

I calmly tell her to hang on a minute, and just breathe. 🧘‍♀️

People will have objections and they would have their reasons. But you don’t have to believe their reason.

If for every time we got rejected, we threw our stuff out the window and came back to the drawing board, or redesigned our website, or changed our copy, then I Need a Michee would still be just an idea on the drawing board. We would never have launched.

Most of the time, people say NO not because you’re pricey or you lack experience but because they’re afraid to take a risk and because they don’t trust you enough. That’s a fair enough reason and a very understandable one.

Obviously, not many people say explicitly “I just don’t trust you enough” as their reason for rejecting your product or service. And so you’re trapped clinging on to the reasons they stated as to why they turned you down.

That’s a quicksand trap you want to avoid.

This is not to say that you don’t need to improve your stuff. You should. But what you should focus on more importantly are the unspoken reasons why they said No. And the most important thing of all is to recognize and accept the fact that some people aren’t just for you.

“They’re not for us”, that’s what I tell Michee.

If the value you’ve created does not align with the customers value narrative, then they’re not for you.

There are plenty of others who are thrilled to go on an adventure with you. You just need to be patient.

They will come.

Just give them a reason to come.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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