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Who Do You Want To Matter To?

Who do you want to matter to?

How are you going to matter to these people?

When your marketing is centered around these two questions, you won’t need to package your ideas in glitter, cheap tricks and catchy tunes.

Before we launched INAM, Michee and I had a sit down and asked ourselves these 2 questions. Here are our answers.

Who Do We Want to Matter To?

  1. Someone who wants to make an impact. (An entrepreneur)

  2. Someone who is drowning in tasks. (A serial entrepreneur)

  3. Someone who understands the value of quality work. (A changemaker)

How Are We Going to Matter to Her or Him?

  1. Obsess about providing quality work all the time

  2. Free up her or his time.

  3. Help her or him be more and do more.

  4. Look for areas of improvements in her or his business and processes

  5. Care about her or his success.

  6. Have genuine care for her or his customers and help them out.

We don’t want to matter to everyone.

Everyone is just a sea of faces, a crowd in the distance, and a set of assumptions and generalizations of what frustrates and delights them. Winning everyone over is just impossible. And we’re absolutely fine with that.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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