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When You Outgrow Things

Today, I went to a store that I used to dream about. It was a store that during my early twenties, I adored and loved but could not afford. It was this brand that I put up on a pedestal. It was a goal - “Someday, I’ll be able to afford that”.

I went in and liked NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. After less than 5 minutes, I went out and was disappointed and curious. I asked myself, “What happened? Was that it? How could I have wanted something from there?”

I realized that what I wanted when I was in my twenties is definitely something that I do not want now. Things have changed. I have changed and that includes my priorities and “wants” in life.

This is an important realization - what you wanted before, what you needed before may not be what you want or need now.

You outgrow things.

And this is just not about brands or your taste. The same goes for people that you surround yourself with. Sometimes, you outgrow people too. This is why we usually have different groups for different parts of our lives.

Of course, there are constants - in taste and in people but there are some that we shed, outgrow and leave. And THAT IS OKAY.

It’s just you growing out of it. It’s you changing. It’s you evolving. It’s you - growing.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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