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What Is Success For You?

I don’t know. That’s my answer to Michee’s question “what is success for you?” Actually, I rambled on and on but in essence my ramblings all boiled down to “I don’t know.” And I still don’t know what success is for me.

Sure, I am one half of two businesses - Love is Love and I Need a Michee. Both we’ve successfully launched. And both I consider a success. Although Love is Love - money wise - is on the downside, we’ve changed minds and hearts and spread wide our message of love, acceptance and equality in our own little way. And that was what we set out to do when we started it.

I Need a Michee obviously is a success. It’s profitable. We’re working with our ideal clients. And we managed to build a great team culture - something that we’re really proud of.

If you ask me if I would call myself successful, I’d flat out say yes. But not just because of the businesses I created (well, half created). Or because of how much I am earning, the things I have, and the strong relationships I’ve cultivated. Even before becoming an entrepreneur, I’ve never considered myself as not successful.

On the other hand, I am not your typical successful person. Or at least what our current society views as a successful person. I don’t own a house. I’m renting a 65 - square meter condo. I don’t have a car. I Uber. I don’t own any jewelry. I am not a degree holder, and there’s a lot of things I know I lack to be viewed as successful by most people.

By someone else’s standards, I am not successful. But me, well, I feel like a success, a HUGE success most of the time.

But if you ask me what success is for me, I still won’t have a solid answer for you. And I think that’s okay. And if you’d really press me for an answer, I’d most probably keep on rambling and still arrive at I don’t know. And I’m at peace with that. Most days, I am happy and that's what matters more.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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