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Are You Eager to Learn?

Or are you just here to ride along?

Alla and I were talking about the difference between people who never seem to grow and the difference between people who just keep growing.

We both agreed, that while some form of intelligence matters, it’s not enough.

So what is it?

It’s being self-conscious of what you lack and having the eagerness to learn it AND retain it.

It’s being able to see that, “Hey, I’m not good at this. What can I do to be good at it?”

And once you do, it’s not knowledge that you learn and then throw out. It’s keeping that knowledge and connecting it to other future and past knowledge that you have.

You see, opportunities and situations differ from person to person but being self-conscious of what you need to do will make a huge difference. Knowing that you need to learn something and admitting that you do is what will move you forward.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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