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3 Tips to Avoid Overwhelming Your VA

Sometimes tasks can get overwhelming. This is true for your VA as well. And when they get overwhelmed, it’s more common for them to make mistakes or miss a few important details.

So if you have a VA or you’ve just hired one, here are a few important tips.

1. List down the tasks you’re turning over to your VA.

Having a list makes it clear for your VA the things they need to do. And from that list they’d be able to gauge how to manage their time.

2. Make sure to tell them which to prioritize first down to which is the least priority.

By having a priority list, you’re saving them from the vortex of indecision and overwhelm of which task to tackle first.

3. If there is a deadline for specific tasks, make sure to be clear with it and not just say ASAP.

You always have to be specific about deadlines. And remember what we said about prioritizing? Along with deadlines, you should indicate how important each task is. This way when things get hectic, your VA will know what tasks are a must-do and which ones can be set aside for the meantime.

If your VA has been making mistakes here and there and missing out important details more than the usual, they may be feeling overwhelmed. Help them out a bit by doing these 3 things.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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