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Use the “Hell Yeah!” Approach in Hiring

Hiring the wrong person will waste not only your money but also your time and you team’s time.

Probably one of the biggest complaints we’ve heard with startup founders is how difficult it is to find a Virtual Assistant that can work with them, they can trust and won’t disappear on them. This is one of the biggest pain points that I Need A Michee was born out of. Before Alla and I started I Need A Michee, we never knew just how big of a pain point that is until we started to hire. Over the past 2 years, our team has grown, shrunk, changed and have gone through so many applications and interviews than we can keep track of. We’ve had a lot of weird interviews, wrong hires and have had our share of disappearing VAs too. The biggest lesson we learned is to be very patient and use the “Hell Yeah!” Approach in Hiring.

What does “Hell Yeah!” mean? It’s when we’re 100% sure we want something or someone. No doubts. No compromises.

In the hiring scenario, after each interview, we ask ourselves, is this person a “Hell Yeah!” for both of us? If not, then we move on. This will make hiring take so much time but you have to be patient. Hiring the wrong person will waste not only your money but also your time and you team’s time. Just this year, it took us over 4 months to find the right person to add to our team. It took so long that it almost became a habit that we interview applicants on a weekly basis. But after hiring a lot of wrong people because we were in a hurry, we’ve learned to be patient. Hiring is tough but you cannot just gloss over it or just use the “That’ll do” approach. The people you hire will be the biggest foundations of your company. So take your time to find the right people.


Is hiring such a daunting task for you?

After years of hiring our own VAs, we've created this guide to help you hire the best VAs out there.




Image by Kristopher Roller


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