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The 2nd Person You Need to Hire for Your Startup

The 2nd Person You Need to Hire for Your Startup

It’s your customer support person.

If you’re still handling your customer support, you need to seriously consider hiring someone else for this job.

Here’s why.

You’re too busy juggling many things - acquiring new clients, setting up meetings - you know, the usual things founders are busy doing. By the time you get to answering your customers’ concerns, you’re already exhausted.

And that is not the ideal mood you’d want to be in when attending to your customers’ needs.

When you read a feedback, your default reaction is that it’s a negative one, a criticism.

Because you’re just too tired, you fail to see the opportunity in what your customers are relaying to you. And then you read some more feedback.

Even the smallest suggestion like “hey, love your product but maybe you can consider adding this or that, or tweak this feature” - your blood starts to boil. Okay, that may be an exaggeration - but the point is, these things that you read don’t or probably won’t sit well with you. They upset you and you take them personally. So you’re more prone to be reactive. Your answers can range from “cold” to really angry.

Answering the same question for the nth time, can really get frustrating. Yes, you have FAQs in your website which your customers can easily access but most of them prefer talking to someone from your company.

People prefer talking to people.

Whether it’s via phone or support chats and emails. It’s how we are wired. We long for that “human connection”.

But because exhaustion is taking over your mind and body, you probably forget about this fact and just wish that they have gone to your FAQ section instead of sending in their messages.

Your customer support can’t be run this way. It’s going to drive your business to the ground. On your end, you’ll grow even more frustrated.

Remember, that these days, people have infinite choices. It’s nearly impossible to gain a customer’s trust back once you’ve burned the bridge. And keep in mind, a customer has x number of friends and their friends have x number of friends… and their bad customer support experience with you can easily spread via word of mouth and even faster - via social media.


Watch out for our tips on how to hire the perfect customer support person!




Image by Kristopher Roller


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