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Learning to Dance with Your Fears

Worrying really does nothing. If anything, The single thing It does is hold you back.

I’m a planner by heart. That’s just who I am.

I plan everything from my money, my job, my day and everything that I can plan on. I’m the type that needs an outline and finds comfort in knowing what will be happening next - especially, if it’s what I planned for.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been continually working on pushing my way out of my comfort zone. (Thank you, Raj!) It started with seemingly minute and petty details such as eating alone and hopping on a call. Yes, those two things were very nerve-wracking to me.

From there, layer after layer kept shedding itself. One of the biggest leaps I made was actually starting a business. Not this one though. It’s Love Is Love. Alla and I started this over a year ago. We put ourselves out there and learned a lot.

More than a year after, we finally heeded everyone’s advice and now, I Need A Michee is here. Both scared me like crazy and it’s totally turned my life upside-down. So now here we are.

Now, I’m thrown into a decision that I wasn’t supposed to make this early. Let me tell you, I AM SCARED.

“What now?” I’d ask myself. “Can we do this?” I’d ask Alla.

I am worry-wart. Alla knows it and my friends know it.

By some weird coincidence, I had the chance to talk to two wonderful people who know me very well (sometimes, more than I do). I opened up and shared everything. My fears. My worries. And like the awesome people that they are, they went on to cheer me on, to support me and to make me see past my fears.

Now, I have a different understanding on why the most successful people always say this - just do it and worry later. Worrying really does nothing. If anything, the single thing it does is it holds you back.

Starting your own business will push you out of your comfort zone. It will challenge you. It will change you. It will teach you to trust yourself and to dance with your fears. And it will never end - not unless YOU give up.

The question is - how long will you let your fears and worries hold you back?



Image by Kristopher Roller


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