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Little Quirks. Little Fears

Starting today, I am going to stop this habit of writing my article in my Notes first before I write it down on a Google doc.

Michee and I house all of our articles in Google Drive and we have a Google doc for each article we write for easy tracking. The system is we have Google docs with future publish dates on them so we know how long our article bank is going to last us for.

When Michee asked me about this habit of writing my article draft in Notes first and then afterwards copying it to the Google doc, I said, writing it in Google doc makes it more official - like you’re already done even when you’re not done yet. While when I write in Notes, it feels more like a draft. It’s still not done yet. That I’m still perfecting my article.

Then it dawned on me. It seems that I am too afraid to put out something out there that’s not seamless and perfect. And I was like, hang on a minute. That’s not right. I shouldn’t be doing that.

I actually never gave this habit of mine much thought. On one of our weekly meetings, I remember mentioning this habit of mine and as I was saying it out loud, trying to make sense of this habit, it actually got me thinking, why the hell was I actually doing this extra step of writing on my Notes before I write it in our Google doc.

I thought it was just a quirk.

It’s actually a manifestation of my fear of making mistakes.

So today, I wrote this straight up in Google Doc. Not today fear. And I’m not going to make the illusion of perfection waste more of my precious time.

So cheers for me!



Image by Kristopher Roller


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