Losing A Safety Net

We all have safety nets - whether it’s a financial safety net, a support group or just something that makes us feel safe and comfortable. It’s important to have these in place but sometimes we need to shed them and create new ones in order for us to grow.

​​ A few years back, I had a group which was my safety net. This was a group I can always count on and I am grateful for all the years and experiences that we all went through together. At some point, we just grew apart. This made me feel a lot of emotions. I questioned a lot of things then I learned to accept it and a new net emerged.

And this year, it’s happening all over again. I’m about to shed another safety net so I can pursue my dreams. So I can be out of my comfort zone. So I can grow. So I can build a new one.

Safety nets are awesome to have and they are important. What makes them dangerous is when they start to become too comfortable that you stop growing.

It is important to recognize it when this happens and when you do, you need to be able to accept that, that safety net is now too small for you. Shred it and build a new one.

As what they always say, “Just do it. Worry about the ‘how’ later” because this will eventually emerge. Trust yourself and take that leap. That safety net will build itself as you fall and it will catch you.




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