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I'll Be Cheering You On Always

Look how far you’ve come. 6 years ago, you were so uncomfortable in your own skin. You gave yourself too little credit.

From when you were young, people who were supposed to build you up and believe in you put you down. Whether they meant to or not - whether they said those things in jest - your young mind took their words as the truth.

For many years, I listened to you bring yourself down. “I can’t sing”, “I’m not pretty”, “I’m not the intelligent one”, “I can’t write”. Even when I laugh at your jokes, you’d have to ask me if I was laughing at you or if I found your joke funny. You felt lacking in many areas. You were always second guessing yourself. Always needing me to be by your side.

I did my best to remind you of your awesomeness. Your quick wit, your genius in figuring things out and putting systems in place. It took you a long time to come out of hiding. But now that you did, look at you now.

Look at what you’ve achieved. The lives you have touched. The impact you’re making. I’m so proud of you. And I know you’ll keep on stretching. Keep on pushing just a little further.

Keep at it. I’ll be cheering you on, always.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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