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Not Everything is URGENT

Recently, I found myself scattered. We’ve been doing a lot things and when you’re working on a project or launch, things can get crazy. I’ve got tons of ideas and I want to do all of them - right now. Ideas are awesome and sometimes your creativity and flow are just in the same space and working like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s awesome.

Then everything slaps you in the face and you find yourself trying to do everything all at once. Until you reach the point where you don’t even know what to do first. The awesome feeling and high turns into panic, frustration and this overwhelming sensation. Yup - I was there for a few hours.

The good thing is, Alla started to recognize this before I began interrupting our team with all these things I thought we needed to do right away.

What happens when you start doing this to your team? They too become overwhelmed and end up not accomplishing anything because they would try to work on what you “need right now.” But then it’s a cycle, midway through your “urgent task”, you interrupt them once more.

So when I almost did this, I’m glad Alla caught it and said, “Not everything is urgent. Not everything CAN be urgent.” Recognizing this at the right moment is one of the best things that can help you prioritize.

What IS urgent?

  • What will happen if that task doesn’t get done right now? What about today? What about tomorrow? If it means an angry customer or a lawsuit, well that’s urgent.

  • Go back to your goals, how is doing this and getting all riled up about this really going to help you move forward?

  • Is it really in alignment with your vision?

  • Write all those ideas out, compare them to each other. Which one do you really need right now?

  • Communicate with your team. Ask them what they’re working on.

Urgent things cannot be avoided and sometimes, we really need to hustle and interrupt what everyone is doing so that we can bring our A-game. What’s not right is making it a habit or believing that every whim you have is urgent.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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