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We usually run out of it. We want instant success, instant friends, instant money, and instant cup noodles. We made ourselves believe that we don’t have the time to stick around. We even have fallen in love with that idea.

Because of how fast-paced the world is now, we feel like any wait time is a waste of time. It drives us insane to not get what we want right away. We’ve become temperamental brats it would seem.

Just a few weeks back, I had to remind Michee to be patient. Of course, we want to scale our business. But that does not happen in an instant. I had to remind her that we’ve only hit our one-year mark this month and things are actually great. Really really great.

When you’re scaling a business or even when you’re launching it from the ground, it will feel like you’ve been working on it for a long time and that nothing is happening.

Have patience.

The alluring promise of “instant success” tactics can distract you and sway you to a different direction but the thing you have to remember is if you want to be among those who provide real value and substance, you have to stick to your vision and make something for the long run.

You have to learn to block out that part of you that wants proven tactics and predictable quick results. Instead you have to learn that the people you want to reach, they’re the ones worth focusing on.

Stop aiming to become an overnight success. Because that is a trap.

It’s going to be a long ride. It may seem like your efforts are not making much difference but little by little, drip by drip - you’re chipping at it. In time, you’ll win. If you just be patient and stick it out.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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