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It’s an Adventure

Success is an adventure. It doesn’t happen overnight. It entails a lot of hard work, perseverance, mistakes, falling down, getting back up over and over again, and going through the same hardship and lonely journey the next day and days after.

If you’re just sitting around, waiting for success to happen to you, then you’re waiting on nothing.

You have got to get up and do the work.

You have to go through the motion of silencing the part of your mind that doubts your abilities, what you can achieve, what impact you can make, and what you can be. You have to take that leap and believe in yourself.

You have to take risks. You have to start doing the work.

And figure things out. Solve problems as they come along. You’ll have to flex your muscle of ingenuity and creativity.

In this adventure, you’ll make mistakes. Lots of them. And you’ll learn that mistakes are actually just a part of the journey. You can’t have a smooth ride all the way through because then your adventure would be a boring one. Soon enough, you’ll realize that mistakes are critical to your success.

That it’s these mistakes that’ll teach you important things. You’ll learn to be resilient. To persevere and push through despite the failures and mistakes.

It’s going to be a ride, I tell you. But it is one hell of a ride worth taking.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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