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Your Persistence Matters

In the earlier days of I Need a Michee, it seemed that the wind was at our back, pushing us forward and smoothly we sailed forward and forward.

We were on a smooth sweet roll. We were getting the results we wanted from the hard work we have been putting in which in turn inspired us to do even greater work.

But when the winds shifted and moving forward for even an inch was becoming tedious and a struggle, I saw Michee getting disheartened. She was maybe weirded out when I told her that this struggle is actually exciting. I told her that now I feel like a legit entrepreneur.

I tried to give her my positive vibes by saying,

that this phase, the struggle - is a natural occurrence in the world of entrepreneurship. And there’ll be plenty of more of this situations to come. And we’ll figure things out eventually.

As we were trying to figure things out, it seemed that the winds huffed and puffed even stronger and our arms are sore trying to move against it. We’ve gotten more setbacks from clients downgrading or cancelling subscription to our team under performing. My excitement wore off and fear kicked in.

What if I couldn’t figure things out?

With my mind on overdrive, I started thinking of tricks and tactics to get me the results I wanted now.

In my haste to figure things out, I focused on the short goals, on the tricks and strategies that can give us the results instantly. Tired, beaten and frustrated, I grew impatient and I lost sight of the important things. Yet, all the work didn’t get me the results I wanted. I was feeling disheartened.

Then Michee gave me a lifeline by making me remember our why - why we were doing this in the first place. When you’re paddling against the wind, you can lose your focus. As your arms become sore, and as you want to raise your arms and just give up, remember why you’re in this boat in the first place.

Persist. Keep at it. It matters. And equally important is to persist on the important things. Don’t let the harsh winds take your focus away from them.

It’s not going to be fun and it is going to be really difficult. But keep persisting. That’s what we did. And the winds once again is at our backs.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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