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Avoiding What We Need To Do

I have a backlog in writing and it’s piling up. Today, I set myself to write a specific number of topics but I kept pushing it back.

First were a few responsibilities to myself, my partner and my puppies. We headed out for a relaxing breakfast, had an extended walk / play time for the pups and as soon as we got home, I went straight for the chores. After everything, I still had plenty of time.

Time to write.

Nope. That did not happen. I decided to do something “productive” instead. I cleaned up random clutter around the house. Next, I watched videos and read articles. Now, as I am writing this, a full day has passed and it’s night time.

Do you ever experience this? Pushing back what you need to do? Doing something entirely different to make yourself feel like you are accomplishing something?

Reflecting back on how I spent the day, it made me ask these questions (feel free to ask yourself these questions too):

  • Why am I so reluctant to do what I set out to do and need to do?

  • Where is the hesitation coming from?

  • How can I address the hesitation?

  • Is this one of those moments where maybe I just really need to step out from and not force myself?

  • Do I really need to do this today? Right now? Why?

After asking myself these questions, clarity ensued and so here I am. Part of the hesitation was that we had a big couple of weeks and I just needed some time to be not sitting and staring in front of my computer. I wanted to not be strapped to my chair and instead move around.

Whenever you are feeling some form of hesitation with what you need to do, it’s good to look within and ask yourself why. You’ll be surprised with what you’ll find out.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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