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Work Smart & Stop Doing It Alone

If you want more things done, you gotta start doing. That used to be what I did. Just go on right ahead and start doing things.

But here’s what I learned.

Just because you’re working harder does not necessarily mean you’re accomplishing as much as you’d want to.

In fact, I found out the hard way that you get to accomplish more when you have a game plan.

List down the tasks you need to do and rank them by priority.

Now look at your list.

Are you doing too much? Be honest with your answer.

If your usual go to line is I can wing it, then most probably, you’re up to neck and almost drowning in tasks - meaning you needed that pair of extra hands yesterday. If simply just thinking about the process of hiring an assistant makes you think about the time you’re going to spend on it, then you seriously need one.

If you want to accomplish more in your day - work smart and stop doing it alone.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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