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I Love Seeing Flying Unicorns in the Morning

Yup. You read that right and it’s true. If you use Asana, you’ll know what those unicorns are. If you don’t, Asana sends flying unicorns through your screen when you finish tasks.

What what! 🙌 I love it and I found out during our last team meeting that I was not alone.

It was interesting actually. We were talking about how we can all work better using this tool and of course, we got to talking about our work habits. Half of our team are morning people, half are night owls.

The morning people tackle the biggest tasks or those that need intense focus first so it’s done and over with. It makes your day move from heavy to light.

It make sense because they usually end the day early too.

The night owls on the other hand (this is where I belong), tackle the small, quick tasks first and reserve the big ones for later in the day.

The common reason behind this is,

night owls are like diesel cars when they wake up. Their mind takes a while to fully function. Doing the tasks that are quick and does not require intense focus actually jump starts their brain and helps them feel accomplished.

My biggest takeaway from this is - it’s great to try productivity tips but don’t feel too frustrated if some do not work for you. Just like with everything, use every single experience to get to know yourself better.

Learn what works for you and keep that.

Learn what doesn’t and shed that.

Who says you need to follow all those tips?



Image by Kristopher Roller


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