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In Between Holidays

By now you’ve probably read that we celebrate Christmas here - big time. 🎄

We’re from a country wherein majority (not all) celebrate this Holiday. Friends meet up, Christmas parties everywhere, Family dinners and lunches and of course the Noche Buena (a Christmas Eve dinner tradition with the entire family).

If you’re lucky and you’re on a vacation from Christmas until after New Year’s then you’re probably just chillin’ somewhere. But if you’re like me, I have to find the will to work in between the two biggest holidays of the year - Christmas and New Year’s.

What works for you?

For me, well, I go back to what Alla and I would always go back to - WHY are we doing this?

On a normal day, that’ll be enough. But since this is the “in between days”, I would also:

Get back to my morning routine, to the dot. Get me some extra strong coffee. ☕️ Start a competition (with myself) - the more focused I get, the faster I work, the earlier I can get back to vacation mode.

What do you do during this time of the year?



Image by Kristopher Roller


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