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Holidays and Priorities

Last year, during I Need A Michee’s first ever Holiday Season, we shared with a fellow entrepreneur that we’re gearing up for a 1-week company shut down. During this shut down, our team will not be working for 7-10 days - from Christmas until New Year’s. It’s a tradition that we wish to do every year. She exclaimed, “Wow, how I wish I could do that!”

It got me thinking, well, why not?

There are industries that thrive on these Holidays - restaurants, malls, clothing stores, service industries and more. Most of the time, the amount of sales that one gets during these times are just so huge, it would be “idiotic” to be closed during those days.

But is it?

Surprisingly, from where I am, it’s the huge, so-called “evil” corporations that close down and give their people a break.

The thing is - it doesn’t matter how big or small you are. It all boils down to what your priorities are.

You never NOT have a choice. Of course, you do.

What drives those choices, only you can tell.

Is it revenue or is it your team?



Image by Kristopher Roller


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