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Have You Ever Made a Bad-Sound Decision?

Have you ever made a sound decision but then in reality, it really wasn’t? A decision that was big that - You’ve had meetings about it. You wrote the reasons why this decision had to be made. You wrote pros and cons. You discussed it objectively (and probably even with a bit of “subjective-ness” in there). At the end of it, you were decided.

So you make the call and go forward with your sound decision and as soon as words leave your mouth and you hear yourself you realize it was only good on paper.

So you regret the decision right away. Your body starts to manifest that something isn’t right. You feel tightness in your gut, your chest.

This is that crucial moment when as an entrepreneur, scratch that, as a person, you should learn to listen to yourself.

There would be numerous moments in your business and in your life when things are only good on paper but not in reality.

You have to make sure to recognize those moments and say, scrap the data. There are some things that data cannot grasp.

Research and numbers are good indicators but they are not and will never be absolute.

Don’t get stuck in the data. Listen to yourself.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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