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7 Undeniable Signs That You’ve Found The Right Assistant For You

It takes so much effort to find and hire an assistant that would help you out, jive with you and work with you very well. So, when you do find that amazing person, make sure that you are aware of it (and appreciate that person!).

Here are 7 signs that you have found your perfect match, err, assistant.

1. You are no longer used to (highly necessary) lower-leverage tasks.

You have been turning over these things for awhile now and have been spending your time with higher leverage tasks that when you actually do it, you’re not as efficient as you were before. Example scenario - you’ve turned over your weekly metrics update that when you actually need to gather those data, it would take you longer than it would take your assistant to do it.

2. It’s now automatic for you to delegate.

Let’s admit it, the first time you actually let a VA in your company after running solo for awhile, delegation wasn’t in your blood. It didn’t feel natural. You had to teach yourself to do it but now, that’s the first thing you do. Need something? The first thing that pops into your head is to message your assistant so she can start it. Sound familiar?

3. When you hand-off a task, you feel lighter right away.

Just the mere act of handing-off a task to your assistant makes you feel lighter right away because you can “consider it done.” You know and you trust that your assistant will make sure that everything is good to go as soon as possible.

4. It sometimes feels like you’re talking to a mind-reader.

(❗️IMPORTANT NOTE: But never assume that they are mind-readers, okay? Communicate properly.) There comes a time when you and your assistant will be so in sync that she would start knowing what you need even before you say it. Example scenario - you ask her to do task A. She looks at it and says, “hey, do you want me to go ahead with Task B & C since these are all connected.” You’d know as soon as you hit this moment and you’d be muttering a happy “YES”. Another example would be, “Hey I saw this in your email, so I went ahead and did that for you.”

5. You’ve got a persistent person that follows up on you.

You’re pulled into a lot of things and most of the time, you’ll start to forget a few things here and there. Your assistant knows that while it may not be urgent, it is important and would make sure that you are able to get to it at some point.

6. She starts correcting you and suggesting better ways to do things.

She’s more than a robot that follows instructions. She is able to analyze things to the point that she’d probably know the system in a much more detailed way than you do. You’ll notice that she’d start correcting you or would often explain how things work and would even suggest a better way to do things. Ah you’ve hit the jackpot on this!

7. She consistently improves and learns.

Mistakes happen. It’s inevitable. When it does and you point it out and give feedback, she doesn’t falter. She takes responsibility and makes sure she doesn’t make the same mistake again. She would constantly find ways to improve herself and learn more.

🙌 Bonus Sign: People start to ask you where they can find an assistant like yours. And you happily tell them how you found her and wish they’d have someone like her too. 😉😉



Image by Kristopher Roller


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