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The Very Least Any Business Can Do

A year ago, Michee and I went ahead and took the plunge into the world of uncertainty. We wanted to be entrepreneurs. So we did what entrepreneurs do. Just dove in. Without any guarantee of success. And without any assurance that we’ll be earning enough to pay the bills. We just knew that we had to do it at that moment or else we’ll lose our courage (or maybe temporary insanity) and end up just wondering in the realm of what ifs.

There was not much planning when we launched I Need a Michee. We did not worry about marketing. We firmly believed that our work would speak for us. And true enough, we had people vouching for the quality of work we do when we announced our launch.

And so when the first beta client signed up - we poured all of our energy into making sure that we bring nothing but our very A game. Because the least we can do for our clients in return - the least any business can do - is to give our very best.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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