The Important Things We Celebrate in Our Business

Ask any entrepreneur about the things they measure and you’d end up hearing almost the same things.

🔗 number of clicks 💌 open rates 💻 web visits 🐥 retweets 👍 likes and shares 📲 number of followers

The higher the number, the better. And the high numbers give you that reassurance that you’re doing something right. That you’re getting attention. And so we celebrate these numbers and work on getting them up even higher.

While these data do have value, we seem to have been obsessed with just numbers.

Most of us have forgotten to celebrate the more important things - the intangible, the impact we have made in someone else’s life.

We’ve made a list of the things we celebrate here in I Need a Michee and we’d like to share some of them to you.

🏖 Knowing that our clients have more free time in their hands giving them the opportunity to do whatever they want to do with that extra time. Be it taking a vacation, spending some quality time with their family, catching up with friends or growing their business.

🧘‍♀️ Giving them peace of mind. That they won’t miss an important email or meeting. Or that their customers’ concerns are properly addressed.

And perhaps, the proudest thing we celebrate is this:

👩‍💻👩‍💻👩‍💻Being able to provide jobs. Giving others the opportunity to earn and be able to provide for themselves or their families.

We just officially hired a team. 🥂 And our one wish is that one day, they’d start their own path. And do the most meaningful work they can.

I hope you start celebrating these wins too.




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