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Cues and Clues

A lady went to the optical shop with a mission to get herself a new pair of glasses. Her old one no longer fits her needs. As soon as she asks, she is accompanied to do tests and soon after to pick a frame that she’ll want to use. The doctor and sales assistant start giving her frames to try on. She does and immediately indicates that she was looking for a specific brand. The doctor and sales assistant in turn, immediately pick up on the lady’s cue.

It was an opening to make a higher sale. They knew that the lady not only wanted a specific brand, but rather, wanted comfort, style and quality. So they start offering her the brand that she wanted and the brands that are similar to it. They knew that this was the type of customer who was willing to pay to make sure she got what she wanted. This skill that the doctor and sales assistant showed is something that we often take for granted - to be able to take subtle cues and clues and act from there. Most of the time, we miss what our leads, customers and clients are really telling us.

With every conversation you have, listen with the intention of hearing what is not being directly said.

Look for cues and clues.

Learn to pick those up and act immediately. Always interact with the intention of listening and learning.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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