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Do You Listen to Voluntary Feedback?

Do you truly listen to your market?

Most of the time, we try our best to gather feedback, both good and the bad, through forms, polls and ratings. While these are great ways to gather these data, do you have your ears open for times when you are not directly asking for feedback?

The reality is, you can learn more from each of your interactions with your target market and current audience. Most of the time, their questions and suggestions that they voluntarily give you are the best feedback you can get.

Here’s an example from I Need a Michee.

When we launched, we knew the need for VA services and the pain of finding one. So we crafted I Need A Michee to cater to this. Over the course of 2 years, we’ve always been asked the following questions:

  • Do offer one-time services? Like what if I can’t afford a monthly VA just yet?

  • Can you create my website?

  • Can you write my content?

  • Can you design my logo?

Small, one-time tasks are not a part of the services we offer and we decline most of these things because we want to make sure we put our resources to where we can excel, grow and help the most.

This did not stop people from asking us again and again, so we listened. This was feedback that we did not seek out but it’s being voluntarily given to us.

After a lot of discussion and assessing where we stand, we hear you. So here we are - we’ve changed our services to focus more on Administrative VA Services and one-time projects.

Just like before, we will not take in more than we can chew so slots will forever be limited. We want to make sure we give the best quality of work to all of our clients.

So what are our new additions? We call them “Firestarters”. These include:

  • Web Design

  • Website Copywriting

  • Graphic Design

  • Blog Writing





Image by Kristopher Roller


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