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That Annoying Little Voice

Sometimes I would argue with myself. I don’t know if anyone else does this and it can sound a little bit crazy. But there’s this annoying voice in my head every now and then that starts questioning my decisions and how I see things. It usually happens during times that I have somewhat calmed Michee down from her doubts, panic or worried thoughts when something’s not going right with our business or things are not turning out the way things she expected or not in sync with her timeline.

If you’ve been reading our blog, you probably know by now that between the two of us, I am more of the “relax, everything’s going to be fine” or “well, this is a good learning experience” type of person. Sometimes, this annoying voice would tell me “You seemed convincing there but are you sure?” Or during the time when Michee has been really pushing that we need to do something to scale our business and I told her how impatient she was and pointed to her the massive growth we’ve achieved in just a span of 1 year - I reminded her that scaling takes time and we don’t want to scale for the sake of just scaling.

A day after, that little voice inside my head popped in to say hi and annoyingly asked me if I am just being lazy and complacent. This one instance made me begrudgingly take a closer look at our business and what I have been doing everyday to actually grow it. From there, I saw that our operations are actually not in tiptop shape as we thought it was. I saw some holes that can eventually sink the INAM ship. In another instance, the annoying voice asked me "so what lesson are you supposed to learn from this experience?" And the funny thing was Michee asked me the same question a day or two after. And thanks to my annoying friend, I have my answers ready. I know, I seem crazier. But I think that creepy annoying voice I hear in my head is just my subconscious or my doubts and fears.

And they make me think.

They make me more inquisitive, more curious, less lazy and help me avoid falling into the comforts of complacency. Even though they really have this mocking tone, they are quite helpful.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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