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When Hiring Someone

When hiring, we look for traits that we have in all applicants.

We want someone who looks like us and interviews well, remains calm answering the questions, especially the difficult ones. These are the cues and signals we all usually look for when hiring someone for a job.

And of course the moment we meet the applicant who has the skills we’re looking for and aced or even charmed us all throughout the interview, we’re immediately sold that she’s the perfect fit for the job. Exactly who would excel and thrive in the role.

But often (way more often than not), we get the opposite result.

So what am I saying here?

That signals and cues are unreliable?

No. Not that.

But that signals and cues are not 100% accurate.

There are people who will feed you signals and cues that you want to see.

And in many cases, there are also exception. And the cues and signals you have as a guide do not make sense.

And you have to be open to that


Is hiring such a daunting task for you?

After years of hiring our own VAs, we've created this guide to help you hire the best VAs out there.




Image by Kristopher Roller


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