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Have We Become Too Sensitive?

We can’t deny that in the past decade or so, there had been (or there IS an ongoing) a shift in the way we work.

We no longer just look for a job, we look for something we believe in. Team Culture has stepped into the limelight more than benefits and financial gains. We found out that it is better for people to know why they’re doing something instead of just following orders.

These are good improvements. These are amazing shifts.

There are times when I can’t help but wonder though, have these changes made us too sensitive?

Have we lost the ability to “stick it out” because it’s become “too stressful”? Have we lost the ability to face hardships and let that help us grow? Have we become too sensitive that our bosses or clients are now called “jerks” just because they gave us a frustrating feedback? Have we lost the ability to push back when challenges are thrown at us? Have we lost the ability to challenge ourselves because it’s “too hard” to do?

Sadly, I have noticed this phenomena recently.

I am astounded with how easily people give up and run away.

Stop being too sensitive. Toughen up. Stop whining and instead, prove that person wrong. Take the heat. Take on the challenge. Stop running away.

The only way to grow is through it.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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