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Right or Wrong You Can Always Do Better

Things can either go right or wrong. We can’t always get it right and the good news is, we can’t always get it wrong. In either scenario, there’s always something we can improve on. Yet, surprisingly we rarely pause and reflect to figure out where, which, how, or what we can still improve. When things go wrong, we relentlessly beat ourselves up and oh how we love to bask in that disappointed feeling. We feed and nurture it. And when we do get things right, we’re so high up in the clouds, lost in the haze of triumph, that we forget that there’s always something we could have done better. In both our failures and successes, we miss out golden opportunities of growth and learning. So whether you got a thing wrong or right, find that one thing that you could have done better. And then do it better the next time around.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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