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2 Things You Need To Learn To Scale

If you want to scale, you need to learn 2 things first.

Systematize and Delegate


I hated that word. But trust me, having a system and SOPs in place will save you a lot of headache in the long run.

Organize your files and outline how things flow. Link to files when necessary.

For tasks, you only have to create videos of your tasks once. And when you have them you can pass it on to your VA or even your new hire. The good thing about video instructions is that your VA can go back to it again and again without having to bother you.

Which brings us to point number 2 - to delegate.

You have to learn to get in the habit of delegating instead of saying “Oh, it’s okay, it’ll just take 10 minutes”. Because you probably don’t realize that you’re doing 20 or more tasks that take only 10 minutes. Which in total is a BIG chunk of your day.

Which is why you just don’t have the time and mental space to really focus on things that’ll scale your business.

So learn to love and live these 2 words. Systematize and Delegate.


Ready to Systematize and Delegate?




Image by Kristopher Roller


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