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What Many Forget About When Scaling Their Business

Michee and I of course, want to grow I Need a Michee. Like any entrepreneur, we want to achieve sustainable growth. When scaling a business is the topic, people will tell you that you need to get more people to notice you, your brand, and the magic that you can pull off your sleeve. There are plenty of ways to get a bigger audience. Social media is there. You can run ads too. You have every freedom to use the internet as your billboard to loudly scream just how better you are than the competition and why you’re always the better, smarter, and wiser choice.

Turns out, our hunger for bigger audience often makes us just a loud screamer.

And often we forget the most important part of scaling a business. That it’s always about paying better attention to the people you sought out to help. What problems are still plaguing your customers and which areas can you help them out still? Give more attention to your customers and for sure you’ll find opportunities to grow your business.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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