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Compliance Does Not Equal Competence

How do you measure competence? Competence, (I looked it up) means the ability to do something successfully or efficiently. So let’s put this into the context of your team. How do you determine who is competent and who is not?

Getting the job done successfully and even efficiently can be easily done especially if you already have a system, a map, or an SOP in place.

Anyone can follow instructions to the dot. So compliance is not a telltale sign. So what do you look for instead? Collaboration, working well with and going the extra mile to create a warm relationship with the team - the humanity of connecting with other people - these are the things you should look for. Engagement is important. Connecting with other people is important. If you take away that in any work, it just doesn’t work well.

Anyone can give their compliance, involuntarily or freely. But putting your heart in your work, that can never be forced.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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