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Learn to Plan Ahead

As soon as you start building your team, you need to learn to plan.

I’m a planner so this wasn’t much of a big adjustment for me but if you’re the type that’s used to doing things alone and doing things whenever you feel like it, planning could be a little hard for you. You need to learn it though, for your sake and your team’s sake.

As soon as you have your first hire, the dynamics change.

You now have someone that will be working with you.

It’s no longer just you.

What you want to happen and what you do will now affect one other person.

Here’s an example scenario - I want to launch a product today.

If I was still alone, I could do everything that I needed to do to make this happen. I can drive myself insane trying to beat deadlines that I set for myself. I can demand myself to work long hours because I said - “This has to launch today.”

Now, if I had a team or an assistant, I need to consider their work hours, their workload, their capacity. I can’t just go - “Let’s do this today because I just thought about it and it absolutely needs to happen today.”

Don’t get me wrong, if there’s something really urgent, your team can probably pull it off.

But if this has become your norm, where you think of something at the last minute and expect your team to pull all-nighters with you, you will drive them insane.

You will create a toxic environment where the words “urgent” and “ASAP” will lose all its meaning.

You will create an environment where your team will resent hearing from you. You will create an environment where your team will be burnt out, where you will be burnt out.

You will promote mistakes that could have been avoided if people weren’t rushing.

You will create chaos where everyone, including you, will no longer know what to focus on.

You will be the cause of why your business, your team and YOU cannot grow.

So when you hire your team, learn to plan. It’s a skill that every entrepreneur needs to learn in order to grow.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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