A Trick To Get You Started

Is there a task that you’ve been putting off to do? The longer you delay, the harder it gets to start on it. And as more time passed, it seems like the task got bigger and bigger. And so it feels impossible to complete. And the thought of needing to get something done weighs heavily on you.

Well, here’s a trick that worked for me. Set aside at least an hour of focused work for that one task that you’ve been putting off to do. You don’t have to finish the entire task. But just work on whatever you can within the timeframe you specified for it. Put that in your calendar. Change your location - you can either go to another part of your house or go to a nearby cafe. On my end, I went to a nearby cafe.

It worked brilliantly for me. I was able to cover a lot in the 1.5 hours I set aside for focused work. And now, I am pumped and excited for my next session of focused work.

Trickle by trickle, drip by drip, you’ll get it done.




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