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You Can Have More Time In Your Hands With These 3 Tips

It’s a new year! Time to have more time in your hands!

How do you do that?

Delegate more tasks to your VA.

Here are 3 important tips when delegating new tasks to your VA.

1. Video is always good

Video record while you’re doing the task to show your VA the step by step process. And the good thing about having that video tutorial is your VA can easily replay it as much as she needs until she’s familiar with the process.

Whenever I get a new task, I’d always play the video tutorial as I do the task. I could easily pause it or go back to a step just to make sure I am on the right track.

2. Ask your VA to create the SOP for tasks

A good way to make sure that your VA understands the task in and out is to have them create the SOP for it. Another advantage of having an SOP in place is that anyone could easily take on the task. For example, whenever any of your VAs take a leave, someone can easily take over with the SOP in place. This means you won’t be bothered for instructions anymore. You can use or just have a drive folder in Google which houses all of your SOPs for tasks.

💡Extra tip, make the file easier to find by naming it properly.

3. Check their work

This is especially true if it’s a new task. The best way for you to know that your VA got it right is to check their work. In my case, I ask my VArmy (that’s what we call our VAs - VA + army) to take a screenshot of the finished task and send it to me via instant messaging - we use Slack by the way. Since also we use Google Drive and Dropbox for our files, I just ask them to slack me the link if the task involves a file/document.

💡A Bonus Tip:

Make use of Asana or other similar apps. We prefer Asana. So whenever there is a task, whether a recurring or a one time task, we place it in Asana with all the necessary instructions such as link to the video tutorial, link to the files needed etc. Again, this way when you re-assign the task to someone else, whether it’s a new hire or another VA, everything needed is there.

Try out one or all of these 3 tips to gain more time in your hands!



Image by Kristopher Roller


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