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7 Questions That I Ask Myself After a Mistake Happens

Look beyond the mistake you’ve made.

Image Credit: LifeGate

Mistakes are unavoidable. Whatever industry it is that you are in, whatever your role is, you are bound to make mistakes. Embrace these mistakes for this is where you would grow and learn. We’ve all heard this. It was an advice given to me back when I was starting as a VA and it’s an advice that I keep passing on. What do you do after a mistake though? How can you correct it and learn from it? Here are some things that I ask myself that I found helpful:

  1. What was wrong? What should be the right way or outcome?

  2. What does this mistake entail? What are things that were affected by this mistake?

  3. At exactly what point (in the process) did the mistake happen?

  4. What caused the mistake? Was it an oversight? Was it a misunderstanding? Was something unclear?

  5. What are the things or actions that I need to do not only to correct the mistake but also address the other things that were affected by these mistakes?

  6. How can this mistake be avoided in the future?

  7. What have I learned from the entire situation?

One of the things that I found very important here is to look beyond the mistake you’ve made. It is not enough to just correct your mistake but also make sure to look at the things that this incident has affected. Once you pinpoint those, you have to address them as well. What are the things that you do after you’ve made a mistake?



Image by Kristopher Roller


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