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Go Ahead and Make Mistakes

Make mistakes, be okay with making them, and learn from them.

When you make a mistake, it means you did something.

Made a decision.

Acted on your guts or instincts.

Thought of a solution.

Used your brain. 🧠

Trusted your judgment.

Had confidence in Y-O-U.

Not making a mistake does not necessarily mean that you did things right.

Doing nothing does not mean you did not make a mistake. You did nothing. And that’s far worse in many cases. Because what do you learn from doing nothing? Exactly, nothing.

And when you do make mistakes, you have got to stop berating yourself and beating yourself down. People make mistakes. You’re no exception. And people learn from their mistakes. Again, you’re no exception.

How often would you choose to make mistakes?



Image by Kristopher Roller


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