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Quantity is Not Growth

The past 2 years, I Need A Michee grew steadily. We were getting more and more clients and our response was to get more people in the team.

Makes complete sense, right?

We were “growing”. Yay! But were we really?

As the client number grew and as our team grew, we’ve felt more exhausted and trapped.

Was this just part of growing or scaling?


We did not want to compromise the quality of the service we provide. This is one thing that we feel strongly about but at what expense? The truth is we had to make a choice -

Keep growing by the numbers and drive ourselves and our team to insane exhaustion


Do we scale back and keep our quality and sanity intact?

The answer seems obvious but most entrepreneurs try to go with the former which leads to burnout.

There comes a time in your business when you have to accept that the initial product or service that you offer has reached its limit. You have to accept that in order for you and your business to really grow and scale.

This is why e-commerce companies start selling other products, why service-based businesses offer new services and why apps have various versions.

Scaling does not mean merely multiplying your quantity. It’s realizing that one thing has reached its full potential and now it’s time to create something more.

Think about it - the growth of a caterpillar does not mean that the caterpillar would multiply itself, it morphs into a butterfly.

That’s growth for you and scaling for your business. You have to open yourself and your business to change.


Curious about what’s next for I Need a Michee?




Image by Kristopher Roller


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