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Accuracy (and Quality) Beats Speed

I hate to sound like those “oldies” that are always raining down on the youth’s parade but it has to be said -

Accuracy and Quality beats Speed on any day.

We now live in a world where we can have everything fast, where everything “should” be fast, and where speed seems to be the main priority.

When we Google something, we want results right away. When we set to achieve a goal, we get impatient. We want clients, fast. We want to sell, fast. We want to finish our work, fast. We want to reach all our goals, fast.

Most of the time, we focus so much on speed that we forget accuracy and most especially, quality.

Huge mistake. 😵

Speed is nothing without accuracy and quality. Think about it, did you actually reach your goals, if the results are of poor quality and are inaccurate?

No. You just wasted time, big time.

What happens when something is “done” quickly but not accurately? You end up going back to it again and again, and lose your focus. And losing focus leads to your other tasks being done inaccurately and poorly. Yup, it snowballs and it becomes a vicious cycle.

However, if you stopped rushing into things and went for quality and accuracy, you’d actually fully and truthfully reach your goals.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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