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Why You Should Go For Affinity, Not Attention

Why You Should Go For Affinity, Not Attention

Most business owners devote a chunk of their time figuring out how to get their customers attention in hopes of luring them in and getting them to buy whatever it is they are selling.

Look around you and there isn’t a shortage of signage and flyers begging for you to look and hopefully try out. The same is true when you go online. Buy Now, Sign Up, Like, Share and many other buttons are screaming for you to click on.

So how do you think you’re doing with all your shouting?

Your competition can always scream louder. You can retaliate with a bigger megaphone, a more intriguing headline, or a more impactful call to action and yes you can get more attention by doing so.

But are you getting the attention of the right people? And if you are, what are you doing to earn their trust and loyalty?

Attention is fleeting. Affinity, on the other hand it sticks and stays. Unless you do something to lose it.

You gain affinity by understanding the people you want to reach. Not by shouting.

Yes your loud voice and beautiful imagery can make heads turn but that doesn’t guarantee trust, loyalty, and affinity. It is by taking the trouble understanding your customers pains and putting their needs, wants, and desires front and center as you craft your product or service that you’ll win their affection.

And once you do, gaining their trust is almost automatic…seamless. And even without you asking, they’d spread the word about you.

So take the trouble to care and really see your customers instead of shouting look at me.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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