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Not Paying Attention is Costly

One sunny afternoon, a couple went to this new market and decided to have some coffee. Seeing a familiar cafe, they went in and sat down. This was “the same” cafe that they always went to back home and so they went in with the expectation of having a pleasant experience.

That did not happen though. No one greeted them. No one approached them to take their order.

They were busy talking loudly about their issues with the company, their work and their colleagues that weren’t there.

When they finally noticed the couple, it was too late.

The next time they visited the market and decided to have coffee, they looked at that familiar cafe and remembered their last visit. It was a given. They are not having their coffee there.

Instead, they went to another cafe. A cafe that they’ve seen for the first time and had pleasant experience. They decided that whenever they go this market, they’d stop by this new cafe for their coffee.

That’s how easy it is to lose a customer. When you stop paying attention to them even for a few minutes, that’s it. They’re out the door and they’ll definitely be knocking at the doors of your competition.

Imagine, throwing away the effort and time you spent gaining their trust and loyalty within minutes or even a few seconds. With whatever you do, never think that your customers are not watching or listening. They always are. Add to that, they talk. They will share stories about their experience and spread the word.

That means losing one customer is probably equal to losing 5 more potential ones. Do the math.

So ask yourself, when was the last time you were really conscious about what your customers are seeing, hearing and feeling when they use your product?

When was the last time you really paid attention?



Image by Kristopher Roller


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