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How Honest Can You Really Be?

Both Alla and I committed to writing two blog posts a week for this. As the week was ending, I have nothing. Not even one thing that I wrote. I’ve been asking her, what do I write? Do I write about our disagreement (aka fight)?

She said, sure go ahead. I was adamant but I will. But this is not that post.

That conversation made me wonder, how honest and transparent can you get as a business?

I guess it depends on a lot of things such as your blog’s voice or theme, the topic that you are writing about and how you write it.

Your Blog’s Voice or Theme

What is the focus of your blog? Is it studies, op-eds or something personal? Does it talk about cooking? Cleaning? Business? With this blog, we decided that we will be a mix of 2 things:

  • We want to share our journey with diving into entrepreneurship so that includes strategies, musings that are related to business and our personal experience.

  • We do not want a formula. We want to write as genuine as possible. So why filter the not so pleasant experiences, right?

The Topic that You are Writing About

Is it connected to your theme? Will it help the people that read your blog? I mean, I’m not going to write about Percy’s (my pup) adventures here, will I?

How You Write It

This is especially when you are writing about the “unpleasant”. If you are writing like you are ranting and destroying the people involved in that experience.

No. Don’t do that.

That is very unfair. Express those feelings face-to-face with the people involved.

What can you do then? Let it be a reflection.

Go back to the question, will this help the people that read it? Or no? Writing about the unpleasant can actually turn that experience around. It allows you to reflect and share the experience and allow people to learn from it too.

Honest writing doesn’t mean bare and share every single detail to everyone. Honest writing is being genuine.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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