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Because I Am Struggling to Write

Michee and I are trying this thing of getting in the habit of writing at least one blog a week. Well, it used to be 2 blogs a week but when our overdue blogs started piling up consistently, we had to turn down the pressure we’re putting on to ourselves a notch. So we agreed. Once a week of writing a blog should be good.

It should get easier.

But here I am. Still struggling to catch up. Struggling to come up with topics that I can write about. I know that the excuse, I don’t have the time is not valid. I am able to spend at least 2 hours everyday on Gordon Ramsay Dash consistently which I could have instead spent on writing. But I choose not to. Every time I play this game, my mind keeps telling me, you should be writing. But I’m just stubborn. I’m working on it.

And perhaps me writing this down would help. We’ll see. And I’ll let you know.



Image by Kristopher Roller


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